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Do you live in the Brampton, Ontario and have bad credit or poor credit and want to get a mortgage? Look no further.

Paul Hunjan - Helping people in Brampton, the GTA with Bad Credit get the mortgage they needMy name is Paul Hunjan and I'm an experienced, reliable and honest Mortgage Broker who has years of experience working with people across the GTA and Ontario who are looking to renew or refinance their mortgage but have bad credit or poor credit. We know this can be challenging but I have a wealth of experience in helping people get the mortgage they deserve. I encourage you to call me at 416-820-8601 or feel free to email me as well.



How I can help people in Brampton with their Bad Credit Mortgage Renewal or Refinancing?

Mortgages for people with Bad Credit in Brampton and the GTAI have a wealth of experience in dealing with Bad Credit Mortgage Renewals & Mortgage Refinancing for people living in Brampton, Burlington and across the GTA. I know the ins and outs and as a Mortgage Agent I can shop around to over 50 lenders to find you the best Brampton and GTA mortgage lending rates on the market, something your bank cannot do for you.


I'm more than happy to answer any questions that you might have of me and step you through the process so that you're 100% confident in how I can help you get the best Mississauga Mortgage Renewal possible.


Helping people with Bad or Poor Credit in Brampton, Ontario get the mortgage they need and deserve

Whether you need to refinance your mortgage to get a better lending rate, to use your homes equity to help finance home improvements or your mortgage is coming up for renewal, I am confident I can save you time and money and find you the best lending rates anywhere, even if you have bad or poor credit. Please feel free to contact me at 416-820-8601

Top 5 Reasons you should use a Brampton Mortgage Broker for your Mortgage Renewal or Refinancing Needs

1. I have Access to Mulitple Lenders

As a Canadian Mortgage Agent I have access to a huge variety of Canadian Lenders that I have relationships with. Typically you would deal with your own bank and you would not get the best deal almost guaranteed. Seriously, it's time you stopped overpaying for your mortgage. When your Mississauga, Ontario Mortgage Renewal is coming close to renewal, give me a call at 416-820-8601 and find out how much money I can save you

2. I am an Expert in Matching You to the Mortgage Product You Need

Most people living in Mississauga have no clue that there are a wide variety of mortgage products on the market today. I am well versed in these and it's my job to find you the one that best suits your needs. I do all the legwork so you don't have to, that's my job and I'm good at what I do.

3. I am a qualified Professional When Dealing with Bad Credit Mortgages and Mortgage Renewals

As a Mortgage Agent I have specific training and knowledge of the Canadain Mortgage Industry including Mississauga Mortgage Renewals that I put to work for you.

4. I Save You Time and Money

I will meet with you to discuss your exact needs and then from there I will shop around and find you the best Mortgage Renewal in Mississauga possible while you sit back and relax.

5. I Work for You, Not the Banks!

That's right. You are my client and I work for you, not the banks. I get reimbursed from the banks not from you so typically there are no fees paid to me from you, these typically get paid by the banks once you are placed into a mortgage. It's in my best interest to find you the best solutions.